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Car Magnets for Tim Parsons

April 2021

This month saw the car magnets we designed for Tim Parsons being printed and used...

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March 2021

This month saw us offering vinyl printing, new product lines (stickers and sanitiser bottles) and...

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February 2021

This month saw us work with another author (and charity), obtain a trade mark for...

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January 2021

Amongst other things, this month has seen us launch a Valentine's offer, work with a...

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Having more Dementia Friends in our communities helps make situations easier for those living with dementia.

As Dementia Friends we can look for ways to make environments more welcoming and accessible, and outings less stressful for those who might need extra support.
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A very nice book - It is another day for Paramedic Chris as he travels with Paramedic Zara but are all of the calls genuine today? @chaplainparsons illustratedsol photo

@BookPings Amazing news:

The paramedic Chris series are part of 'the book fairies' which is an intiative supported by the duchess of Cambridge: